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Information services

Vital assistance on safety issues for companies, corporate business and private entities.

Our Company is here to provide information related services compatible to the applicable legislation, i.e.:

  • Research and analysis of information related to issues with negative impact on business;
  • Consulting when additional information research and analysis is required;
  • Research and analysis of information on business partners, company’s founders and shareholders, including their background and all the criminal records, actual financial status and their actual location;
  • Investigation on facts of disclosure of commercial classified information and implementation of relevant measures to prevent such information disclosure;
  • Search for missed relatives, children, or other related persons.

Our staff will consult you on the best possible way to implement the required set of safety and security measures, i.e.:

  • Assessment of company’s level of protection and security;
  • Development of company’s information safety concept;
  • Reveal of possible commercial information disclosure in various operational environment;
  • Explosive devices protection measures;
  • Development and implementation of the set of measures to protect customer’s interest in accordance with the ISO standards;
  • Protection of commercial information;
  • Working out on report and recommendations on an individual based on the respective health examination and study (psychometric chart);
  • Drafting of recommendations on revealing and further elimination of unauthorized access to the commercial information.

Cost of services

Service rate is to be agreed and set by the Parties.

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