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Public order enforcement

Company provides thorough set of measures to insure Customer’s safety during mass public events, commercial exhibitions, conferences, international meetings.

There is always a potential risk of events or actions like terrorist attacks, acts of violence, vandalism to happen and endanger Customer’s life and safety.

Company Provides:

  • Event site thorough assessment and examination on possible dangers, outlining the precaution actions to be taken when required;
  • Assessment of flow of event visitors, escape routes development;
  • Set of preventive measures on illegal actions of visitors or other persons;
  • Maintenance of public order and valuables safety at mass public events;
  • Security guards.

Cost of services

Service rate per hour: - starting from $25 per hour of the service provided.

Tel.+38 (044) 490 65 59, +38 (096) 233 33 13