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Installation security

Safety and Security measures for business centers, commercial buildings, private premises and cottage houses, property. Location security guards for all kinds of sites, private or corporate owned, including access control management.

Company’s cases comprise proved track records related to safety and security measures implemented at office buildings, consulates, commercial buildings, bank’s premises, private mansions where sophisticates and expensive gear is kept.

Premises security service provided to:

  • Companies of any legal status;
  • Office spaces and commercial buildings;
  • Shopping malls and supermarkets;
  • Heath resorts, recreational facilities, children’s heath resorts and camps, health care facilities;
  • Hotels and recreational facilities, restaurants, bars;
  • Warehouses and shopping spaces;
  • Construction sites;
  • Gas stations and parking lots;
  • Residence units;
  • Private houses and cottages;
  • Garage and Garden community units;
  • Cultural valuables sites and premises.

Company insures:

  • A complete set of safety measures to protect valuables and capitals, gear and transportation vehicles;
  • Maintenance of onsite safety and security;
  • Life and health safety of the personnel;
  • Control over performance schedule and compliance measures on site;
  • Measures and relevant arrangements to eliminate potential dangers and illegal actions and on site;

Cost of services

Service rate per hour: - starting from $1.5 per hour of service provided.

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